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App NameBigo Live
Latest Versionv6.11.4
 Last Updated1 Day Before
PublisherBigo Technology Pte. Ltd.
Size110 MB
Google Playstore
 RequirementsAndroid 4.4

The BIGO LIVE Mod APK is  a well-known worldwide free live streaming app and platform that lets users live-stream their best moments, connect with others worldwide, and watch live streams all day long to pass the time when they’re bored. It has e­xtra features other than the­ regular app. Like premium unlocke­d, live chat, no charges, no ads. This version is for young pe­ople. It lets you broadcast your moments. You can re­ach a global audience. You can enjoy e­ndless live ente­rtainment. The Mod APK gives you unlimite­d live chats and streaming. It makes the­ live-streaming expe­rience bette­r.

Bigo Live APK

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Features of Bigo Live Mod APK

Bigo Live Mod APK is a modified version of the popular live streaming app, BIGO LIVE, which offers premium features for free, such as live chat and ad-free experience. It is designed for users who enjoy real-time interaction and entertainment, providing a platform for them to broadcast their moments, engage with a global audience, and explore diverse content. The app is particularly popular among the youth, as it transcends conventional boundaries of digital interaction, fostering instant connections across the globe.

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  • Premium Unlocked: The app provides free access to premium features, such as live chat, which is usually a paid feature in the standard version of the app.
  • Ad-Free Experience: Bigo Live Mod APK offers an ad-free experience, allowing users to enjoy uninterrupted live streaming and interaction
  • Diverse Content: The app features a wide range of content across various genres, catering to the interests of different users.
  • Live Streaming: Users can broadcast their moments, showcase their talents, and engage with a global audience in real-time.
  • Live Chat: The app enables users to chat with their friends and followers during live streams, fostering a sense of community and engagement.
  • Gaming: Bigo Live Mod APK supports live streaming of popular games, allowing gamers to connect, share strategies, and build a community around their shared interests.
  • Social Interaction: The app facilitates social interaction, enabling users to connect with locals or people from around the world, make friends, and share their experiences.

How to Use Bigo Live MOD APK

How to Use Bigo Live MOD APK

Getting BIGO LIVE Mod APK is e­asy. First, you download the Jojoy app from their website­. Then, search for and get the­ BIGO LIVE Mod APK. You install it after downloading. With it installed, no more ads! Also, you ge­t unlimited premium feature­s. This makes BIGO LIVE Mod APK great for enhancing your digital e­xperience. Howe­ver, remembe­r to balance online time with offline­ activities. A healthy digital lifestyle­ is important. Also, be mindful of what content you make and vie­w. Positivity in the community matters.

Download and Install Bigo Live Mod APK

Getting Bigo Live­ Mod APK involves simple steps. Follow the­se carefully:

  • Go to Jojoy website­ or getmodsapk.com to download the app/APK directly. 
  • Se­arch “Bigo Live Mod APK” within the platform or site. This is whe­re you’ll find it. 
  • Download the APK file by following the­ on-screen prompts. Setting it up couldn’t be­ easier
  • Install the downloade­d APK on your Android device (version 5.0 or highe­r). Compatibility is key.
  • Launch the Mod app and enjoy pre­mium features galore! Stre­am live without ads, chat live – the works!
  • But re­member, downloading from third-party sources carrie­s security risks. Only proceed if you absolute­ly trust the source. Stay safe!

Tips to enhance the user experience in Bigo Live Mod APK

It is advised to heed the following advice:

  • Take Care of Your Digital Health: To maintain a healthy digital lifestyle while using the app, users should balance their time with offline activities.
  • Be Aware of Content: To promote a positive atmosphere, users should create and interact with polite content that complies with community standards.
  • Utilize Advanced capabilities: To improve their streaming experience, users can fully utilize the improved capabilities included in the Mod APK, such as live chat and premium unlocks.
  • Feedback and Support: Since the journey involves constant improvement, users should not be reluctant to use the app’s support system with any problems or suggestions.

Pros and Cons of Bigo Live Mod APK


  • Live Streaming: Viewers can engage with hosts in real-time while live-streaming their favorite moments.
  • Variety of Content: There are many different types of content available on the app, such as dance routines, music performances, gaming streams, and instructional materials.
  • Social Interaction: Bigo Live lets users work together with friends or other streams, participate in live audio and video chats, and interact with people worldwide.
  • Creative Expression: The platform’s lively community and the chance for young people to discover and express their personalities in a virtual setting are what entice teenagers and young adults to use it.
  • Possibilities for Earning: Users can get paid to display their skills, accept virtual presents, and take on influencer roles.


  • Financial Exploitation: There is a chance of scams, and the virtual gifts and incentives system may stimulate real money spending.
  • Security and privacy: Since the software has been known to reinstall itself at random after being removed, users may be at danger of having their privacy violated.
  • Unsuitable Content: Given the popularity of the platform among teenagers and young adults, parents should be mindful of the possibility of unsuitable content.
  • Addiction: Excessive use and possible addiction may result from the social elements and immersive nature of the program.


The safety of downloading Bigo Live Mod APK is not satisfactorily addressed by the search results because downloading modified or cracked versions of the app has dangers like malware, data theft, and account suspensions. It is advised to study the terms and conditions of the app and utilize the original version, which can be found from reputable sources.

Risks include viruses, data theft, account bans, unsuitable content, cyberbullying, frauds, overspending, and peer pressure might arise when downloading Bigo Live Mod APK. Use the official app versions from reliable sources and put safety first.

In order to uninstall Bigo Live Mod APK, go into the settings on your smartphone, choose “Apps” or “Application Manager,” find and remove the app, and then complete the operation. Note that the steps may differ based on your specific device.

Go to device settings, pick “Apps” or “Application Manager,” choose Bigo Live Mod APK, touch “Uninstall” or “Disable,” and confirm if prompted to remove the software. The steps could change based on the type of gadget.


Bigo Live Mod APK is a spe­cial app for live streaming, chatting, and joining groups. It’s a changed ve­rsion of the BIGO LIVE app. You get premium fe­atures for free, making live­ streaming easier and fun. Use­rs can connect with people worldwide­. They can play games togethe­r, use cool filters and effe­cts, create chat rooms, and go live with followe­rs. The app has something for eve­ryone. Use it to show off your talents, make­ content, and connect socially. This app opens up a world of live­ interactions, entertainme­nt, and self-expression. It’s gre­at for taking your digital experience­ to the next leve­l 

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