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WorldBox Mod APK 0.22.20 (Premium Unlocked)Download 2024

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NameWorldBox Mod APK
Download 900,000,00+
Size54 Mb
PublisherMaxim Karpenko

In Worldbox Mod APK – Sandbox God Sim, you’re a powerful being, shaping a vast world. You can make continents, oceans, and natural features like mountains. Fill it with animals and plants wherever you want. It’s like playing with a giant sandbox where you’re in charge.

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Lots of Cool Stuff to Do!

The game has nothing in it at first. You create a virtual environment and populate it with people, animals, plants, and other elements. You can use natural calamities like acid rain and tornadoes to destroy the world while you play. You can’t always use the special features in the real game without any restrictions unless you pay. In a game called “Creating a World and Life,” players can either contribute to the world’s evolution or perhaps bring it to an end.

In this game, you get to do lots of different things! You can make disasters happen, like storms or earthquakes. You can also help creatures evolve and change over time. Plus, you can even use magic powers! Every time you play, it’s like a brand-new adventure because you can use your powers in all sorts of different ways.

Being a Powerful God in Worldbox Mod Apk!

Being a Powerful God in Worldbox Mod Apk! Image

Picture this: You’re like a super-strong god, making your very own world and controlling every bit of it. With just a flick of your magical stick, you can make all kinds of plants and animals appear, from elves to bears to dinosaurs. If you’re bored of games where you have to follow the same old rules, this one’s for you. In this game, you’re the boss, making a whole virtual world filled with cool mythical creatures like giants, unicorns, and dragons. You can even create humans and watch them as they build homes and grow food. Worldbox Mod Apk lets you feel what it’s like to be a god, watching over everything from how people build their houses to whether there might be a war. It’s all about letting your imagination run wild and keeping a close watch on everything happening in your world.

What is Worldbox Premium Mod Apk?

Have you heard about WorldBox Premium Mod Apk? It’s like a special version of the game that gives you all the cool stuff without having to pay for it. You know, like when you get extra powers and achievements in a game? Well, that’s what this is like. And the best part? You don’t need to subscribe or spend any money. With the mod version, you get access to all the premium features for free! 

That means you can do even more cool stuff and be super creative. You can explore the entire world and use all the elements without any trouble. Plus, you’ll get to unlock other awesome things like mythical animals, disasters, and creatures – all for free! It’s like having the keys to a whole new world of fun and excitement.

Amazing Features of WorldBox Mod Apk Premium

Amazing Features of WorldBox Mod Apk Premium Image

Create Your Own World:

With WorldBox Mod Apk, you’re the boss of your own world. You get to shape the map and adjust settings just how you like. You can even make multiple worlds if you want!

Watch Your World Evolve:

The coolest part is watching your world change over time. Different cultures will grow, interact, and civilizations will rise and fall based on your choices.

Experience Cultural Interactions:

In WorldBox Mod Apk, civilizations trade, form alliances, and go to war. It’s super engaging and keeps you on your toes.

Build in a Pixel World:

Craft your world with pixel art! You can make houses, roads, and landscapes using various tools and magic.

Unleash Destructive Elements:

Wanna cause some chaos? You can use TNT, volcanoes, and even meteorites to wreak havoc on your world.

Discover Weapons and Disasters:

With the mod version, you get access to atomic bombs, acid attacks, and more. Plus, you can trigger disasters for even more excitement.

Create Your Kingdom:

Choose who lives in your world, from humans to wizards. You can even build civilizations and grow food.

Take on Challenges and Achievements:

As the ruler of your world, you’ll face tough challenges and make important decisions. Can you handle it all?

Select Heroes and Creatures:

Pick heroes to carry out tasks and play with different creatures, each with unique powers.

Play with Friends in Multiplayer Mode:

Team up with friends and share your divine powers in multiplayer mode. Create epic wars and alliances together!

Experience Advanced AI:

Watch as the civilizations you create interact with each other, making the gameplay feel like a story unfolding.

Enjoy Pixel Graphics and Sound:

WorldBox Mod APK features pixel graphics and cool sound effects, making it fun to play on any device.

Mod Features Of World Box Premium Unlocked

  • Unlocked: Now you can use all the special stuff without waiting. This means you can do whatever you want in the game right from the start!
  • Unlimited Money: You’ll have endless money to customize your world however you like. No need to worry about running out of cash!
  • Unlimited Gems: These special gems give you access to even more cool stuff in the game. With unlimited gems, you can explore everything WorldBox has to offer.
  • Free Shopping: Buy whatever you need without spending real money. This means you can build your world just the way you want without any restrictions.
  • Lots of Creative Tools: You’ll get all sorts of tools to play with, like making acid rain or dropping atomic bombs. It’s like having a whole arsenal of cool stuff at your fingertips!
  • Free Gameplay: You can play the game however you want, without worrying about unlocking stages. Everything is available right from the beginning.
  • Mod Menu: This menu shows you all the cool features you can use to make your game even more fun and exciting.
  • Secret Menu: There’s also a secret menu that gives you access to even more hidden gems and exclusive tools. It makes the game even more interesting!No Ads: Say goodbye to annoying ads and focus on building your kingdom without any distractions. It’s all about having fun and being creative in WorldBox Premium Unlocked!

How to Play Worldbox Sandbox God Simulator!

Start by designing your virtual world. You can create mountains, rivers, continents, and forests. It’s like painting on a canvas!

How to Play Worldbox Sandbox God Simulator! Image

Once your world is ready, fill it with living creatures like humans and animals. Be careful though, even monsters can roam around if you want them to!

Use your godly powers to build civilizations with special abilities. But be cautious not to create too many civilizations, or they might start fighting each other.

Manage your resources wisely. Make sure everyone has enough food to survive, from humans to animals.

Focus on growing forests, as they’ll help you build shelters and other structures.

Explore all the tools available in the game and use them wisely.

Learn about different creatures and their cultures to make your world more interesting.

Use elements and tools to shape your world the way you want it.

Set rules and enforce them on civilizations, creatures, and cultures to keep your world in order.

Worldbox Free Download For PC And Android

To download Worldbox on your PC

  • First, get the “Bluestacks Emulator” from its official site.
  • Open the emulator and go to the Play Store.
  • Search for “World Box Premium Apk” and install it.

To download Worldbox on Android

  • Visit the nineapk website to download “Worldbox Mod Apk Unlocked.”
  • Allow downloading from “Unknown Sources” in your phone’s settings.
  • Tap the download option and find the file in your phone’s storage.
  • Install it on your Android device by clicking on the file.

My Opinions Regarding WorldBox Mod APK

I really enjoy playing WorldBox Mod APK on my Android phone. It’s so much fun because I can do whatever I want without any limits. I love creating civilizations from nothing, and in the premium version, I can sculpt landscapes and see how they handle disasters. Plus, with the modded version, I can build more than just regular houses. If you like being creative and having freedom in your games, I definitely recommend trying out the version of WorldBox.

Pros and Cons of WorldBox MOD APK


  • Unlimited creativity: With premium features unlocked, players can unleash their creativity and build unique worlds without any restrictions.
  • Enhanced gameplay: The additional tools and resources available in WorldBox Mod APK offer a more dynamic and engaging gaming experience.
  • Access to premium content: Players can enjoy premium content without having to pay for it, allowing them to fully experience all that the game has to offer.


  • Security risks: Downloading modded APK files from unofficial sources may expose players to security risks such as malware or viruses.
  • Potential instability: Modded versions of games may not be as stable as the official releases, leading to crashes or glitches during gameplay.
  • Lack of support: Since modded APK files are not officially supported by the game developers, players may not receive updates or technical support for any issues they encounter.


While downloading modded APK files may pose some security risks, as they are not officially released by the game developers, many players have reported no issues with playing WorldBox Mod APK. However, it’s always recommended to use caution and ensure you’re downloading from a trusted source.

WorldBox Mod APK typically unlocks premium features such as unlimited resources, premium characters, and additional customization options. Players have more freedom to explore and create in the game.

No, It is not. It is a miniature game that gives you the powers of God to rule your World. In this way, It lies in the Sandbox game category.

WorldBox Mod premium APK is an offline game.


While downloading modded APK files may pose some security risks, as they are not officially released by the game developers, many players have reported no issues with playing WorldBox Mod APK. However, it’s always recommended to use caution and ensure you’re downloading from a trusted source.

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